Importance Of Communication In Healthcare

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The Role and Importance of Communication in Healthcare Like any other working professionals, communication plays a vital role in the day-to-day activity of a doctor. Dr. Irene Chua, 43, a pediatrician in one of the local clinics in Corpus Christi, Texas explains, “communication is vital in any workplace”. I chose Irene as an interviewee simply because I believe that communication in healthcare is highly significant as compared to other professions in our society. I was fortunate enough to interview the good doctor in such short notice despite her busy schedule – taking care of three children and working in a clinic. She decided it would best to conduct the interview at her place of residence so as not to be distracted with all the commotion…show more content…
She nods and gazes at the table for a moment before uttering a response. She reiterates that obtaining an accurate information is always critical. She acknowledges the fact that in some cases, family or the patient themselves may hold out on certain information. Therefore, establishing a level of trust between her, the patient and their family is also a priority to arrive at a correct diagnosis.
She also mentions one aspect which could affect communication is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA regulates and restrains healthcare workers from sharing patient’s medical information. At the same, she also admits some challenges with some patients and their family who are unable to speak the English language fluently and express their illness properly. Furthermore, she added, the likelihood of miscommunication between her and the clinic staff is
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She emphasizes that all healthcare workers are trained to comply with the rules and regulations defined by the US Department of Health and the Texas Medical Board. She states the probability of error exist and must be accounted for. Our discussion continues with focus on compliance and regulations. One of the biggest challenge that doctors face is the risk of malpractice making it difficult for them to effectively function due to the stress associated with it. She said that one mistake can literally kill a person due to poor communication. According to her, the stress level from her profession is overwhelming when dealing with the demands of patient, family members, insurance companies and regulatory bodies (Chua).
To ensure compliance, Dr. Chua explains the use of electronic medical record system which contains check points, so they don’t miss out on collecting significant data from patients and makes it easy for other healthcare workers to access such information. She claims that this system reduces some of the risk involves in handling communication and is being mandated to be implemented nationwide in the healthcare industry. “In healthcare, confirmation and validation of information is crucial in communication and is always the doctor’s top
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