Hospitality Communication Case Study

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The hospitality industry is highly competitive and the interaction between staff and guests is critical we human beings communicate all day every day we spend our working hours sending or receiving messages: speaking, listening, writing, reading, pushing keys on computers. Since we communicate so much, we ought to be pretty good at it. But we’re not. As hospitality worker we need to communicate successfully not only with the customers but also with our co-worker. It is important to develop literacy within the workplace and assist employees in improving their ability to become effective communicator using the Standard English in written and oral utterances. James (2005) stated that “hospitality worker is some who enjoys working with people-…show more content…
All over the world, when people with unlike languages come together they usually use Standard English to communicate. Improving Standard English as a hospitality worker will make the individual bilingual and more employable in English speaking country. Saee (2006) confirm that “management and employees who are effective cross-cultural communicators will, in addition create a more enlightened working environment, provide a world-class standard of service to international visitors” (p. 96). The role of effective communication in the hospitality industry cannot be overemphasized. Hospitality worker must be effective communicator to prevent costly mistakes that may result in information that is incorrect. Viviers and Schalkwyk (2002) argue that effective communication is extremely important in our daily walk with other and in the workplace we must learn to communicate meaningfully so that our message has the desired reaction and elicits the right feedback. The reason why hospitality worker must improve their Standard English is because the industry relies heavily on the service provider to deliver the service product. Effective communication is fundamental to meeting the need of the…show more content…
Improving your Standard English will give you the ability to enhance your professionalism in the hospitality industry. A good communicator will perform excellent service to the guest and project a professional image also. Hayward (2002) stated the whether you like the idea or not, customer will judge you and your organization by the way you look, your appearance, the way you treat people, and your attitude. It is important that you present a good image so that the customer can be impressed with you and the organization you represent. Good oral and written communication skills are the top skills important to hospitality worker at different position levels. Good English communication will give the hospitality worker the ability to project a professional image towards the guest. That will leave an impressed on the guest mind. Kusluvan (2003) argue that “communication is positively related to job performance and communication is most effective when it is timely and appropriate and enables the employee to develop a clear understanding of what is required of the job. To quickly respond to customer service requests” (p. 405). Verbal or written communication have a positive impact on job happiness and job presentation. When hospitality worker are intelligent to work and communicate effectively they are able to project a professional image. Furthermore, speaking

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