Importance Of Communication In Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak

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In Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, Melinda struggles with communication. Melinda is at a party, she is attacked and raped by a student who attends her school, Merryweather high. When it is time to head back to school after the summer, Melinda decides not to talk to anyone. She became completely mute. In the beginning of the book, Melinda is thinking about her attack when her " throat squeezes shut...I can't even look at myself." (pg.28) Melinda was so embarrassed that she did want to talk to anyone about it. Melinda demonstrates lack of communication during this time, if she had talked to someone they could have helped her, and made sure she was ok. Melinda thinks that “[She] should probably tell someone, just tell someone. Get it over with.…show more content…
Throughout the book Melinda is pushed away from her group of friends from the previous year. When a new girl, Heather comes to school Melinda thinks it is a perfect chance for a new friend. During a long weekend, Heather invites Melinda over to her house. Melinda “wanted to sleep in but Heather really, really, really wanted [her] to come over.” (pg. 32) Melinda and Heather have grown their friendship since the day they met. They started eating lunch together and then began hanging out outside of school. Now on this long weekend, Heather asks Melinda to come over to her house, and even though Melinda wanted to sleep in, she decides to go to her house anyways, to make Heather happy. This shows the strength of their friendship, when Melinda says she “wanted to sleep in”, she goes to Heather's house anyways to make her happy. Later in the book, Heather asks Melinda to go to her house to talk about some problems that she was having with Martha another girl in her grade. Heather “Left a note in [Melinda’s] locker asking [Melinda] to go to her house after school” (pg.79). This quote is showing the relationship between Melinda and Heather. Heather is very comfortable around Melinda, she was able to ask Melinda to go to her house without feeling embarrassed or scared. Laurie Halse Anderson tries to tell the reader that a well developed friendship is a very valuable

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