Delegation In Nursing

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Teamwork, communication, and delegation in nursing are variables dependent on one another for success. This post is the first in a series on nursing delegation in which we will discuss the team nursing model, the RN 's role in task delegation, and how effective communication fosters teamwork which leads to better outcomes for patients and employees.

Detailed and timely communication among registered nurses (RNs) and other team members, leads to improved quality measures and outcomes. In fact, studies have shown that negative outcomes were often linked to communication errors. As such, safety, delegation, and quality of care are dependent on one another. In other words, effective teamwork among the nursing staff directly impacts overall employee
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Effective Communication Fosters Positive Working Relationships
The quality of relationships between nurses and other team members greatly influences delegation success and overall teamwork. A productive team is one that has timely ongoing communication, a willingness to collaborate, and initiative. The following are important points to consider regarding the registered nurse 's role in improving communication and relationships within a team nursing model:

As the RN, you must clearly define expectations for UAP and LPNs on reporting the completion of tasks. Remember, the patient is ultimately under your care. While you are able to delegate tasks, it 's still your responsibility to see that each task was carried out effectively and safely. If a task was not completed, you are the one accountable.
Be approachable and welcome feedback. Provide team members sufficient opportunities to talk about conflict-related issues as they apply to the team. You want the individuals on your team to view you as someone who is fair and unbiased. Keep your tone and use of language in check so that you do not come off as intimidating, otherwise, it could hinder the willingness of the UAP or LPN to bring up problems or rifts as they
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Everyone was new to their practice at one time. Because you require specific feedback regarding patient status, foster an educational approach when instructing the LPN or UAP how to clarify tasks, resolve conflicts, and report on the patients ' conditions. Ensure that all team members know that they can come to you with questions and that you will never belittle their abilities or ignore their inquiries.
Tactfully report on issues and resolve conflicts. As the RN, you are the one in charge of making things run smoothly. When conflicts do arise, use effective communication to resolve them. Maintain a calm demeanor even during extreme situations.
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Master the Art of Nursing One Task at a Time
Delegation is a core concept in nursing, and much like other learned skills, success will improve over time. Continue to work towards excellence and improve communication and teamwork and in due time, delegation mastery will be achieved. Just as Florence Nightingale said:

"Nursing is an art, and if it is to be made an art, it requires as exclusive a devotion, as hard a preparation, as any painter 's or sculptor 's work; for what is the having to do with dead canvas or cold marble, compared with having to do with the living
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