Importance Of Communication In Nursing

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The topic to be discussed in this essay is “Communication in nursing”. This composition will support the argument for a good relationship amongst the nurse and patient, by means of comparison between the ‘old’ relationship of nurse and service user using evidence supporting the argument of choice. To this day, the importance of good communication in nursing is greatly underestimated. Below, the significance of good relationships between the nurse and patient will be discussed alongside with the transition in the way nurses have cared for service users in previous years. The therapeutic relationship between the nurse and patient within the health care setting has been shown to benefit both parties, dissimilar to the harsh, old-fashioned ways of nurses in the past.
The importance of a good relationship between nurse and patient
A good relationship between the nurse and patient has been, and will continue to be, proven essential time and time again in relation to both the nursing practice and the well-being of the patient. Patients are much more likely to recover with both emotional and physical support of health care employees. When effective communication and support is provided, for the majority of cases such as diabetes control, pain control, physical and mental quality of life in cancer and in geriatric patients, their health has been shown to improve. (Lown, et al., 2011) Patients can feel relatively alone, isolated, and trapped within their illness and a nurse lending
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