Importance Of Communication In Society

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Communication is very important in our daily lives. Wherever we are, the expertise and knowledge of how to communicate is important to ensure mutual understanding. Communication occurs when any important information can be transferred from ourselves to the people around us who receive the information they wish to convey. Both parties need to have the understanding so that the information can be shared. The basis of interpersonal relationships is a communication to connect between an individual and an individual who needs that information. We need to adapt with others in order to launch the communication, we will get people 's information to enable more effective interaction. Therefore, it is important in our communication to comply
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Firstly is education. When communication become effectiveness, education will be more smoothly and both of lecturer and student will get the benefit. Communication makes the learning process easier, helping students achieve their goals, increasing opportunities for broader learning, strengthening relationships between students and lecturers, and creating a whole positive experience. For example, class and student performance. Lecturer can see the effectiveness of the lecture by feedback from student and lecturer also can give a pop quizzes to student to determine the level of understanding’ student of past learning. Education also give important to the society that is increase the public awareness about importance of education and make education as one of necessity to their children and adults in their daily…show more content…
Entertainment is seen as one of the forms of effective communication stimulates the socialization of individuals in society. In relation to mass communication, entertainment can be seen as a media use function: it is widely listed as one of the media uses for users like television, radio, movies and magazines. One of the mass media 's objectives is to entertain, as well as to the individual including pleasure, relaxation, and escape. For example, many people using the internet as their source of entertainment, instead of watching TV programs and movies. Entertainment also important to the society because entertainment can be used as the basis for discussing human emotions, social norms and the ways of
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