Importance Of Communication Skills

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Communication is basically the process by which different people exchanged information. It is much more than the words (Encyclopedia of Children 's Health)
Communication skills is define as the ability to convey or share the message, idea and feelings in such a way that it become effective an efficient (
If someone has communication skills he and she then has an aptitude for conveying and receiving messages clearly both verbally and through body language which include eye contact, body movement, facial expression and posture. Communication skills can be applied in our daily situations to communicate our views in order to make it more beneficial. It is important for everyone to know these skills when exchanging deep or small talk conversation with someone else (Gonzalez)
The ability to have effective communicate with colleagues, staff and superiors or in fact even with family is essential, no matter where you work in or not. Especially people who are working in this digital age must have the knowledge how to convey and receive messages efficiently with people as well as through social media, mail and phone (Doyle)
Business people who have good communication skills regarding written, verbal and non-verbal help a lot in gaining commercial benefits for its companies by facilitating the sharing of information between the people within a company (
What skills do employers look for? Which communication skills will
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