Importance Of Communication Theory

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From my opinion, the communication discipline should not establish one core communication theory, as I had learn from this course until now, I can conclude that every theory are very important. These theories connect directly and also indirectly to one another. According to Frank Dance(1967), in Em, G. (2012), the University of Denver scholar credited for publishing the first comprehensive book on communication theory, cataloged more than 120 definitions of communication- and that was more than 40 years ago. In addition, Michigan Tech University communication professor Jennifer Slack(2006), in Em Griffin(2012) , said that “there is no single, absolute essence of communication that adequately explains the phenomena we study. Such a definition does not; neither is it merely awaiting the next brightest communication scholar to nail it down once and for all.” As we know communication is a process of transmitting information from one source(speaker) to another source(listener). It looks simple, but actually it is not. When we communicate with others, we unlimited ourselves by learn and use languages. The language we learned depends on symbols that evoke the same meaning. This situation is under “Symbolic Interaction Theory”. Besides, from this theory, we also know about “Looking-glass self”, this means the ability how we imagine others look at us and the feelings that result. In addition , the web of social relationships that human create. In conclusion for this “Symbolic
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