Importance Of Community Improvement Project

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AN ESSAY ON A COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT PROJECT I WILL ORGNISED IF GRANTED THE SUM OF $100, THOSE THAT WILL BENEFIT FROM IT AND HOW I WILL MEASURE THE SUCCESS OF THE EVENT. The importance of community improvement projects can never be over emphasise especially in a country like Nigeria as it plays a major role in the improvement of the economic, social and cultural conditions of communities thus enabling members of community to contribute meaningfully to the achievement of national objectives. As a promising young adult that is driven by a desire to make an impact in the life of people around me, i have always strived for an opportunity to contribute my own quota to the improvement and wellbeing of my community especially the human capital development.…show more content…
This idea was sparked by the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria 70% of whom are youths who have not gained any post secondary school qualification and young graduates. the primary cause of this unemployment remains lack of practical or relevant skills. the project will aim at training them in graphics designing for the print and electronic media which is one of the most sort after skills in Nigeria now considering the boom in printing/publishing industries and social media advertising and marketing. The project will be aimed in achieving three main objectives which are Acquisition of practical skill, Team building activities and Teen awareness for community service and…show more content…
On the short term basics the success will be determined by the numbers of participants who signed up for the training, the level of teamwork and inter-personal relation developed and the average score obtained by the students on the various tasks and assignments assigned to them and also from feedback from the parents, class teachers and the students involved. On the long term basics the success will be determined on how effective the students were able to apply what they learnt in the betterment of the community, in reducing the unemployment rate , participating in community and volunteer service

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