Essay On The Importance Of Community Participation In Education

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At Naganahalli and Nadikur, the government higher primary school showed us the very good example of and the importance of community participation and Namma Shaale Plus. The school’s active participation in the community starting from education , drop outs to health care was really worth seeing. Head mistress also told us about the school involvement with special need children wherein teachers go to child’s home and teach them basic skill helping them to do basic things in their regular life on their own. Community was made stakeholders and given ownership of the school giving them the as the part of working In the community young people who passed out from the same school having sense of awareness and responsibility took active participation in these…show more content…

Tarang was also an quite an experience to us while visiting Teacher Learning Centers TLCs. TLCs are basically initiative by the foundation enriching the teaching experience by learning subject wise learnings methods based on Teacher Learning Material or TLMs. Tarang is and innovative initiative by Mr. Sanjeev which is based on making learning through experience and experiments. He with the help of APF and govt manage the meeting with school teachers explaining them concepts through live experiments and filling them with the sense of belonginess. There was a bunch of teachers though who didn’t wish to come on weekends or holidays in the school.

Education system itself is a very complex structure specially in context of execution but measures taken up by individuals and also the foundation is indeed an remarkable step. The society has also started rrelaising and hoping education to bring about positive changes in their lives. Watching children eating together, washing plates together fading away the stigmas a makes me hopeful about the changes which lives of people truly looking

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