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ACTIVITIES LIST: Activity 1: Community Service club
I joined community service club on 8th August 2016 and even when I complete with high school I will continue to do community service activities.
Involvement: Most of the time I visit poor people in my community, and find something to offer them. For example there is an old woman that we visited and gave her a mattress and a bed. I also perform some activities within the school like washing plate for sick people, or sometimes the whole school!
Position: A committed active member.
Description of my position: as an active member I have many responsibilities including: Attending every meeting on time, Participating by sharing ideas, being present in every event that happens, and importantly, helping people without waiting a reward, but with love.
Achievement: I have got to know the problems that our community faces. I developed a helping heart more than before because now I can’t pass on a child handling a heavy load that I can carry, and hesitate to help him or her. My mind has developed from being helped to helping others even when it is a very little thing.

Activity 2: Dear Doctor Rwanda Club.
Date and years attended: May 2015- November 2017.
Involvement: I usually share my opinion about how some issues can be done. Moreover, as I want to become a pediatrician, I prepare different presentations about pediatrics as a medical field to help others who may want to pursue pediatrics be aware of it. I and other members

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