Personal Reflection: Community Service Club

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ACTIVITIES LIST: Activity 1: Community Service club
I joined community service club on 8th August 2016 and even when I complete with high school I will continue to do community service activities.
Involvement: Most of the time I visit poor people in my community, and find something to offer them. For example there is an old woman that we visited and gave her a mattress and a bed. I also perform some activities within the school like washing plate for sick people, or sometimes the whole school!
Position: A committed active member.
Description of my position: as an active member I have many responsibilities including: Attending every meeting on time, Participating by sharing ideas, being present in every event that happens, and importantly, helping
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Date and years attended: May 2015- November 2017.
Involvement: I usually share my opinion about how some issues can be done. Moreover, as I want to become a pediatrician, I prepare different presentations about pediatrics as a medical field to help others who may want to pursue pediatrics be aware of it. I and other members visited children who have Mental Problem at AVH UMURERWA orphanage, and provide them different dolls, sweet, biscuit, etc. Furthermore, I participated in the workshop about how to take care of my skin and hair naturally which occurred last year in 2015.
Position: A committed active member
Description of my position: A committed active member attend all meetings, workshops, and events that take place. Moreover, an active member has to share her opinion, and to prepare different presentations that is beneficial to other members.
Achievement: I learned from the experience of other doctors who usually come during the career fare day that to become a doctor is all about being passionate, hardworking and determined about what you want to pursue. Also, from the workshop I learned how to take care of my skin and hair using natural ingredients.

Activity 3: Jogging
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