Benefits Of Community Service

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Volunteer work is a great way to interact with your community. You are helping the people around you, and you’re rewarded with the feeling of accomplishment, but that’s what I initially believed. Over the span of two months, I volunteered for several events and spent 20.5 hours doing community service. On September 9, 2017, for five hours from 7am-12pm, I helped with the “Over the Bridge 5k/10k Walk/Run” with the Hampton Bays Leo Club. At seven in the morning, volunteers met up at Hampton Bays Middle School. There, we planted signs of the run’s sponsors and directed parking and registration for people coming in. Afterwards, we were assigned different roles and positions for the run. Some of us directed runners towards the finish line at different…show more content…
Volunteering for community service is always a good thing to do, and helps build character, however being forced to engage in volunteer work for a mandatory grade feels significantly different than volunteering because you want to. As stated before, I initially believed that participating in volunteer work was a good way to interact with your community and reward you with the sense of achievement. I still agree with the former, but as I realized that I was mostly doing these for a grade, that feeling of accomplishment and feeling like I did something amazing for the community faded away. Rather than enjoying what I was doing because it was helping the people around me, knowing that I was just doing it for a grade made things dull. Being forced to gain community service hours for a grade required to graduate doesn’t feel much different from court ordered community service. Overall, volunteering in these events had a negative effect on me, as I no longer have any intention of engaging in a community service event for some time. I would like to enjoy the activities I decide to take part…show more content…
There is the Hampton Bays Civic Association, Southampton Youth Services Incorporated, and Catholic Charities. The Hampton Bays Civic Association, founded in 1918, is dedicated to promoting the prosperity, welfare, and civic advancement of Hampton Bays by united effort in a lawful manner. Southampton Youth Services Inc was formed in 2000. Their mission is to provide all of the residents and visitors to the town with the a world-class sports and recreation facility. The programs run by Catholic Charities have the intention of providing high-quality care while respecting confidentiality and individual dignity. They hope that by sharing some of their basic principles, their friends and colleagues will have a better understanding of what drives them to do this work and inspire them to work harder as

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