Importance Of Companionship

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People have different beliefs about how important companionship and solitude are in life. In general, human beings like to have the company of others, hence they use each other company, which might be the reason why human beings are called social animals. But have you ever wondered what does this mean? or If it is necessary to be in company of others? Now, here comes the role of solitude in life. No argument can be made about needing companionship and how very vital it is to live, but simultaneously, solitude also plays a significant role in people lives. People need that solitude occasionally, just to have a healthy state of mind. So, let see how these two inevitabilities fulfill their role in people lives.
Companionship is a healthy emotional state when the person engaging in it, is coming from a stable, healthy place. “We have the need to love and be loved, which contributes to the need for companionship” said the renowned human behavior researcher, Helen Fisher, who has an interesting take on the companionship. She says that some people love another person to get a sense of completeness, security, and affection. Others love to share what they feel for the other person. This need to share necessitates the need for companionship. Sharing love is all about empathizing, communicating, and engaging with others. Additionally, Janice Ray, a writer and environmental activist thinks, that a person can have the forests as companionship as well “Like a beloved friend, the more you
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