Importance Of Companionship In Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is a novella that follows the story of two men trying to find work during the Dust Bowl period. Throughout the novella,Steinbeck uses relationships among characters like George and Lennie’s friendship and the use of dreams like the farm George, Lennie and Candy hoped to get, to illustrate the importance of companionship in life. I’ve learned through the novella that companionship in life is important and should be treasured among people. It is especially needed during this time of upheaval and confusion in our society today. Steinbeck uses the personal connections among characters like George and Lennie or Candy and his dog to portray his theme of companionship in Of Mice and Men. One example of personal relationships in the novella is George’s sense of responsibility to take care of Lennie but in reality George does simply like Lennie. George complements Lennie, “Good boy! That’s fine, Lennie… When we get a…show more content…
In the novella, George and Lennie have a dream of owning a small, few acre farm among each other where they can be alone and peaceful tending to their crops and animals with one another. That dream brought them close together and was so important to them that it became their sole reason for working and living. It was a goal that they felt would end all their troubles, though it seemed impossible it was important to hold onto it, it gave them hope of a better life. They finally realize it can become a reality once Candy decides to join them in pursuing their dream. Their dream was within their grasp as, “They looked at one another, amazed. This thing they had never really believed in was coming true.”(60) they realize they can achieve their impossible dream. The dream of the farm brought the men closer together and they gained a new friendship with Candy and gave all of them a new found purpose in their
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