Importance Of Competency Based Education

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COMPETENCY BASED EDUCATION AND TRAINING: A FRESH GREEN LEAF FROM THE AUSTRALIAN CONTEXT FOR TVET IN AFRICA MAKWORO EDWIN OBWOGE KISII UNIVERSITY P.O Box 408-40200, KISII, KENYA. Correspondence e-mail: ABSTRACT The labour market in most developing countries in Africa has experienced challenges of qualified human resource to carry out their desired functions. The academic institutions are supposed to produce graduates who would readily fit into the job market. The TVET institutions were designed to produce graduates with technical skills to work in the industrial sector and other sectors of the economy in order to accelerate economic development. However there have been many complaints from many employers on non-competence…show more content…
This is because many employers are questioning qualifications awarded by training institutions since many graduates come out half-baked and can little handle the demands of the workplace set-up.It is becoming an increasingly popular concept as many institutions search for ways to improve college affordability and more accurately measure student learning. Competency-based education allows students to study and learn at their own pace. They can move quickly through material they already know and focus on what they still need to learn hence saving both time and money.Implemented effectively, competency-based education can improve quality and consistency, reduce costs, shorten the time required to graduate, and provide us with true measures of student learning. This is especially important because the learning outcome is the same for all abilities of learners and only time…show more content…
This is due to lack of enough funds for investment in laboratory equipment and other learning resources. In most countries that have adopted competency based education, some learning resources are shared between industry and the training institutions hence cutting down on cost. DEFINING COMPETENCY BASED TRAINING According to the Australian Vocational Education, Employment and Training Advisory Committee competence based training is training geared towards the attainment and demonstration of skills to meet industry-specified standardsrather than to an individual’s achievement relative to that of others in a group. In Australia, the former National Training Board (NTB) developed a broad definition of competency which incorporated underpinning knowledge as well as values and attitudes. Key competencies were also developed to detail thenecessary skills and attributes all young people should have on entering the workforce. They were to be incorporated into education and training programs operating in sectors other than the VET sector, that is, the secondary and higher education sectors. These competencies

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