The Importance Of Competency Theories

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Competency Theories
Demand for effective and competent employees continuously increases. Nowadays, job competencies that cover knowledge, skills, abilities, traits and behaviors become an integral part for quality service (Shippman,, 2014).
A competency model is needed to organize observable skills, behaviors, and attitudes in determining the impact of the quality of work. (“Competency Models - What Are They Anyhow and What’s the Big Deal? - St. Charles Consulting Group,” n.d. 2015). Ferry (2015) noted that with competency models, organization will have a greater alignment with business objectives, enhanced productivity, improved ability to identify and develop high potentials.
Delamare and Winteron (2005) said that in every organization
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Foreign Studies
Bodnarchuk (2011) in his study found out that a competency-based recruitment and selection system can yield the company practical benefits, because when systems are linked to competencies, evaluation is based on fairness, effectiveness and validity.
Moreover, Bhagwat (2006) mentioned in his study that CSC in India did not have competency analysis framework, thereby having no competencies defined for any role.
In the study of Wakou, Keim, & Williams(2003), based on the personal attributes and job competencies generated, they found out that personal attributes and job competencies prior to hiring can guide hiring decisions and initial training content. The job competencies after training can shape content for inservice training. In the identification of providing orientation and training to the employees, Liff (2002) said that the best approach is to identify the competencies required by the organization to successfully achieve the organization’s vision –
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In the study of Legaspi, she mentioned that based on the Civil Service Commission on Inventory of Government Personnel, many of the local government personnel lack the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to perform the enabling functions of local governments. On the other hand, a World Bank study in 2011 discovered that the Philippine labor market is in a “serious bottleneck” situation that hampers innovation and productivity among Philippine
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