Importance Of Competition In Sports Essay

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COMPETITION IN SPORTS Competition is good among athletes because it has great impact in self -discipline, attitude towards the opponent, and it can be the way to be wise athletes. Competition is like a challenge in our life that whatever happens we do not give up because competition is just a challenge that can we pass and move to the next round of competition. Like life we have many problems in our own life we can’t solve it immediately but we can solve it step by step. Athletes has many ways to perform they very well in the competition. First just trust yourself open your mind and do your best to beat your opponent. Before start the game you need to be comfortable to yourself and become a open-minded. Second you have to be self-confidence on yourself, be confident what you’re doing for the game because self-confident is one of the most important in doing the right thing. Do not feel nervous just play well in the game and do your best for the win of the competition. Third, be…show more content…
After the game many things you can learn about competition. Competition in sport this you can show about your strength and hidden skills that didn’t know many people. Competition is like life you can’t move forward if you lose from the start but you can back again from the start to show that you can move from the top. Sports is the one that you can present our nation. In sports we have many ways to be successful in our game like we do our best to show that we have strength and skills to beat our opponent. Competition in ourselves is to pretend that we can do many things that can’t do other. Just trust yourself and you will become a better man/woman than others. Don’t give up if you failed from the start just stand to show that you can back and return from the start and move forward. Successful is the one of the goal in our life and to be successful in our life we have to be hardwork and patient like in the
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