The Importance Of Complaints In Health And Social Care

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An effective complaints procedure ensures that the complaints are investigated and dealt with in accordance with The Local Authority Social Services and NHS Complaints Regulations 2009 and the complaints are taken seriously and treated with courtesy and respect and are thoroughly documented. This allows for appropriate action to be taken, for example in the case study, to safeguard the welfare of lucy and kevin. It is important for complaints to be recorded thoroughly and accurately as if legal proceedings start, lack of the documentation would undermine a case and make the defendant vulnerable. High standard, accurate and thorough documentation of complaints help address the failure in a duty of care, for example, if the social worker wanted…show more content…
This is done by the way complaint procedures are laid out in an easy fashion to be easily understood. This includes a number of simple steps to reporting the concern or complaint including; writing a letter, it was acknowledged after 3 days maximum and how the complaint would be managed was thoroughly discussed and investigated and the individual who made the complaint then quickly receives information about what was being done and how long it would take for her complaint to be managed and what would be done ,after discussion, to avoid this from happening again. If then the individual who complains is not satisfied they can appeal to the commissioning organisation, eg, the NHS or an organisation like the CQC for a better result from her complaint. You can also complain by going straight to eg. a line manager or ward manager in a hospital, and making your complaint or by following step by step procedures online. This allows for the complained failures to quiqly be addressed and also identifies ways in which complaint procedures can be improved for future use to increase service provision and minimise the inability to successfully respond to possible failures in duty of care that may occur again. 7 / B.P3: Describe the types and signs of abuse and neglect that may be experienced by different individuals - Abuse is seen as purposely causing harm or distress to an individual and neglect is…show more content…
Sexual abuse is forcing an individual to take part in sexual behaviour that they do not desire and sexual abuse including sexual harassment, requires empathy on the carers part to understand why service users may react in certain ways when feeling vulnerable, for example washing them, to ensure professionalism is maintained. Financial abuse is a sort of stealing from service users or defraud (tricking them into giving you money) and can have a huge impact on service users welfare. Financial abuse often occurs because of intellectual or emotional vulnerabilities and is often carried out by individuals the service user trusts. Domestic abuse is an incident where an individual’s subjected to controlling, aggressive and shocking behaviour and occurs between individuals who have been or are intimate or between individuals in a family or close setting, an example is when someone is trying to dominate the other person in a

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