Importance Of Composting

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Composting: Waste disposal has been posing problems to every country in the world. Scientists and environmentalists have brainstormed this issue time and again. After years of research, few ancient and age old methods of waste disposal have come to the rescue. Food waste and garden wastes, when dumped in the backyard, give rise to bad odour and reduces the beauty of the place. Hence the waste management companies in Ireland have decided to help people by collecting the wastes and composting them to create useful substance called humus. This humus helps the plants in gardens and the crops in the fields to grow properly. It helps in increasing the fertility of the soil and keeps chemicals at bay. The farmers are benefitted by it and the waste is reduced by ninety percent.…show more content…
Controlled conditions help optimizing the achievement of desired objectives. The controlled conditions take care of oxygen supply, temperature and pH of the decomposed materials. During a controlled composting process the temperature initially rises and then drops. Finally the compost produced is drastically reduced in volume. Desired objectives of composting: 1. To decompose organic material into stable humus, which helps in improving the quality of soil. 2. To manage the waste generated in the gardens and some of the kitchen waste. 3. Help increase fertility of the soil. The process of composting is gradual and happens over the time when the food and other organic waste is left unattended, since a faster reaction is desired, a composting equipment is

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