Importance Of Computer Application

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Objective and Agenda of the Work
The main aim and agenda of this paper is to include but not limited to the following—
• To know basic about Computer Application and its allied and related branch in India and world.
• To seek the knowledge in the field of Computer Application in respect of career opportunities and job prospects.
• To get knowledge about the Computer Application degrees available in India and abroad.
• To learn about the MCA and BCA degree in detail with emphasize on MCA degree in a contemporary context.
• To know about the changing eligibility criteria of MCA program with reference to Private Universities in India.
• To study about the Private Universities in India and their strategies in respect of MCA degree program.
• To
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For the preparation of this paper, various methodologies been adopted but most significant is educational methodologies, SWOT Analysis in respect of Computer Application program. The paper also uses the review of literature method to learn about the basics and characteristics of Computer Application. The paper is focused on private universities in India and thus web review played a great role in doing the work. Most importantly for this, the main URL has been selected to learn, analysis, and report on private universities in India. However, apart from this the website of UGC and AICTE also been analyzed to prepare the paper most up-to-date and…show more content…
The affairs related to the information viz. collection, selection, organization, processing, management, and dissemination. Information Science is a broad field than Information Technology (which is a combination of several technologies (viz. Networking Technology, Database Technology, Web Technology, Multimedia Technology, Software Technology etc). Additionally, Information Science (apart from IT) also integrates Management Sciences and Social Sciences to remove the gap between interactions of information-technology-people.
Computer Application is another domain in the field of computing and information mechanism it purely deals with software technologies. Programming technologies are the key concern of this branch with a partial focus on remaining IT components (i.e. Networking Technology, Database Technology, Web Technology, Multimedia Technology). Computer Science is a most traditional area of computing mainly concentrated on Computer Technology (i.e. software & hardware) with the partial focus on components of
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