Greek Contributions To Western Civilization Essay

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For thousands of years people and communities from all over the world have Developed and formed civilizations. Civilization is the stage of human social development and organization that is considered most advanced. During the development of old and ancient civilization people of great minds helped to form the technology we have today using science and advanced engineering. And what is more important than the technology we have today other than the computer.

Many people have contributed in the computer field from different societies and civilizations such as Al-Khwarizmi, Vint Cerf, Grace Murray Hopper, and Robert Noyce. So many people have made breakthroughs in their contribution for the computer industry and helped to make it at this importance
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Early Greek mathematics leap was in 500-600 B.C. Pythagoras was a mathematician who spent time in Egypt learning Egyptians mathematics and he was credited for Pythagoras theorem which the Babylonians was aware of for 1000 years before him. And he created his own society group which includes men and women, and they discovered the incommensurability of the square root of the number 2. The Roman use letters instead of numbers, and a number consist of a specific sequence of Letters and the use some rules to make it understandable for them while doing…show more content…
Chinese developed mathematics before 1000 B.C., they used a different method for developing it, that they solve the problems generally instead of conducting formal proof. As they were trying to solve each problem on its own. Early Chinese used a learning method that is called learning by analogy and the used to write the mathematics on bamboo strips. In addition, the Chinese had their own Pythagoras theorems and many other theorems. As of the Indians they had a few major ideas about computing, and one of them is considered as the most important inventions of all time which is the idea of the number Zero. And they also invent the Decimal system to express all numbers by means of ten symbols. The Indians are the people who came up with the binary numbers which are the zero and one and bits or
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