College Admissions Essay: How Technology Has Changed My Life

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Not until a few months ago did I finally decide on a major. It all started in my second year of high school, when I was surfing the internet. I knew that I have always wanted to get my hands on something that has to do with technology. Then I stumbled upon Computer Science Engineering, which studies the inner parts of a computer, especially software. I found this major quite alluring, because I am also highly engrossed in computers.
Watching too many superhero movies may perhaps be a reason why I am very hooked up in studying computer. Marvel superhero movies like Iron-Man and Avengers amaze me so much because the technologies built by Stark are so advanced that they make me want to build them myself. Imagine having an iPad with its screen
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3C-competence, conscience, and compassion, and leadership, are what each and every one of us has. Activities are plentiful, and through which I always take part in, whilst at the same time help me become who I am. By being a member of a committee, I learn how to act, behave, and be responsible for everything I have done. It teaches me to commit to whatever task I’m given at, not to mention, make it as perfect as I can, since I am also a perfectionist.
I also have obtained information regarding life in HKUST from my predecessors. From their stories, it is clear to me that although young, HKUST offers many benefits such as the environment, global students, student exchange programs, and research. But most of all, they all enjoy their life at the campus. This is why I believe that HKUST can really make me achieve my goal.
Thus, as an applicant for the computer science major, I believe I have what it takes to attend the course. Logic, creativity, keen observation, and most important, the willingness to study and become better than ever, all of them are what I believe makes up the fundamental part of a computer science engineer. In order to be of help for mankind, I see computer science as one of its ways. So I really expect to be able to study this major under the roof of

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