Importance Of Computer Games And Mathematic Education

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Computer Games and Mathematic Education

Computer Game
How do we learn mathematic nowadays?
Mathematic = Game (In The Past)
Computer game is a tool to learn Mathematic
Limitation and Solving
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It is said that most of the child like Mathematic since the large curiosity which is talented, but as time goes on the passion of learning seems to going down. Some question such as “Is it necessary for me to learn sine or cosine in order to something useful in my life?” appear on student’s mind. Such kind of doubts show that mathematical thinking is contempted because of the interest could not be seen directly. On the other hand, nowadays, computer has become a necessity between students.
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It leads to the lack of resourse for the user. And the lack of brand-new idea in computer games lead to the difficult to raise students' interest.
Computer games’ developers and educational institutions do not have the consensus. Since developers focus on making money, so they design customized games to ingratiate children but ignore the importance of teaching.
Most of the mathematic games in the market is to bring up the mathematical ability but not to improve the knowledge of mathematic itself, so the improvement of the school result is not directly. Hence it is hard for schools to adopt.
It is hard to change the concept of playing games is bad for regularly study. People think that achievements are reached by hard work rather than recreation. So that the development and the study in mathematical computer games are blocked.
-數學遊戲對學業成績沒有顯著的提高,因而較難被學校所採納(數學遊戲着重培養學生的數學能力而不是數學知識) -

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