Importance Of Computer In Teaching English

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In this report I will talk about the most important methods of teaching English as a second language or a foreign language. Current methods include : audio – linguistic way , the way of social learning , understanding style , silent way , the way of communication , and other methods. In my opinion , this true is a good method but at the present time we have additional way fit this time and this generation , it is a modern way of using computers in learning different language skills ( there is another use of the computer in the process of language learning is that the you can use of computer in the teaching process , not just the process of learning ) , and that includes different types of exercises that help learners to acquire language by…show more content…
It means that the computer can provide tutorials to students , here is the interaction between the student and the educational programs offered by the computer , it also reinforces what has been learned in the classroom . As well as diversity of learning resources for student , the book do not be alone is the source of learning , and thus vary the student experiences , and varied sources of learning…show more content…
The reason for the spread of this method is the criticism suffered by the traditional theory , because the traditional theory relies on repetition . Many of the world's universities used computer to help teach language , and learning such as Stanford University , which adopted it in the education of linguistics and English language teaching a second language , and teaching of foreign languages .
Obstacles to the use of computers in teaching and learning process :
1- The use of computers in these processes ( learning and teaching ) financially costly for some students or teachers .
2- Shortage in the provision of educational programs that are characterized by a high level and nicely .
3- Computer requires from people to have the experience to use it and not the everyone mastered it .
4- The use of technology affect negatively on the skill of conversation where you cannot assess students through technology correctly and threatens the skill of writing and reading for learners
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