Importance Of Computer Science In India

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Computer is the core of modernization and development these days. Modern nation, state and local governance needs IT and Computing tools, technologies and support for the development of each and every facet. Previously in Computing & IT related areas most vital and popular areas was ‘Computer Science’ but in India gradually other domains became popular viz. ‘Computer Application’, ‘Information Technology’, ‘Computing’ etc. It is important to note that there are basic differences in-between Computer Application, Computer Science and Information Technology but in many contexts the nature of the programs are more or less similar as per curricula study. Computer Science is a theoretically focused domain and mainly concentrated on inner areas of Computers, Hardware etc [1], [5]. It is mathematical in nature and thus most suitable for the research organization and scientific areas of industries. Whereas Computer Application has been started to keeping in mind industries and organizations, institutions etc. Computer Application programs were started in India in the 1980’s as a substitute of Computer Science to cope up industries demand and prepare skill manpower in Industries.…show more content…
While India was slow in that context. But gradually in India various universities, research centers and organizations have started many areas of Computing/IT. The present study find out the emerging Computing degrees available in India [2], [4], [12]. The study conducted to break a misconception about availability of Computing Degree means Computer Application (BCA)/ Computer Science (BSc). It is about more than that and includes broader area viz. Information Technology or smaller area viz. Computing/ Cloud Computing etc [3], [6],

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