Importance Of Computer Science

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When I first got into computer science, I was generally intrigued by many aspects of the field of computer science. I planned to get involved in everything, although I later realized that there were specific areas that interested me more than others. My current research interests involve the topics of data structures and algorithms. The introductory data structures course really opened my eyes to the importance of organizing data in more efficient ways. The implementation of the data structures also made me appreciate their runtime complexities when compared to other inadequate approaches. The algorithms class I am taking at the moment has also refined my thought process when facing problems whilst adding more to my interest in efficiency. Additionally, the work-study program that I attend has also allowed me to interact with the researchers’ involvement in machine learning. After taking the courses that introduced me to the fundamentals, I aimed to expand on the ideas that were taught from them onto other areas of work. I have been part of many side projects that required teamwork and full-stack engineering. My work involved implementing application logic and the user-interface on various occasions. The work was…show more content…
My plans of attending graduate school addresses the importance for me to get familiar with the various research areas that are available. It is understood that first-hand experience is the best way to learn as opposed to just reading about the topics. I therefore choose to pursue the generous opportunity to aid me in my goal to become the best scholar that I can be. Most importantly, training as a researcher would precisely help me narrow my interests by getting involved in the real-world applications of computer science, which further prepares me for graduate
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