Computerization In Hospital

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Several authors and researchers have made many attempts towards giving a concise meaning to what computerization of the organization is all about. Computerization is fast growing and gaining access in most professions and is the basis of all technological advancements. This statement is credited to Dr. Lizzy Ikem. When narrowed down to the project at hand, one could say that the design and implementation of a computerized patient information tracking system in a hospital is gaining wider acceptance in the medical industry and its application is forming a foundation stone for the effective management, maintenance and processing of patient records and bills.In the book computerized information system by David R. Adams and Gerald E. Wagna which…show more content…
This indeed is an obvious and most acceptance approach to the solving of the many problems, which face hospital staff in handling information. Olukayode (1991) said that there is a need for computerization of organizational management system control the high need for computer application in management system control and patients information tracking system in a hospital is required for accuracy, speed and efficiency in entering, processing, tracking retrieving and generating report in order to satisfy the patients and staff using the…show more content…
L. of department of medical studies, parttan ME 04102 USA, developed “Prevent” a micro-computer software programs for health promotion and marketing of health care. “Prevent a new micro-computer program design to apply rules for patients, health screening, is described in the manual guide in the use of “Prevent”. The rules are based on guidelines established in public health experts and may be modified as necessary. Prevent was written for physicians with limited corrupting experience but incorporates features of database, management word processing and corresponding generating program. It described the conceptual and practical basis for creating a program with unique focus that may have broad appeal. The advent of computers and its utilization in hospital information tracking system need not be over emphasized as it is quite obvious at present that almost and unless the use of computer is incorporated in tracking of information in hospital the proper keeping of record will continue to be very hectic and tedious and time consuming. It is description as a through easy to use computer management system designed to eliminate stress from the art of medicine so as to provide quick and effective medical attention to the ailing. Due to the arrival of the automation, there were numerous advantages incurred regards to the previous approach the speed of processing became very fast. The automated piece of document was able to retrieve from the system seconds. The accuracy of

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