Importance Of Conducting A Literature Review

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The research requirements are to conduct a critical literature review, with the aim of analysing the two academic journals and one research report and, accordingly, draw conclusions.
A literature review summarises, analyse and evaluate previous research available on the topic and, furthermore, presenting it in an organised way (Collis & Hussey, 2013). It should clearly cover the major articulated questions and problems in the field (Collis & Hussey, 2013).
The question is thus why is a literature review done?
• Demonstrate clear understanding of the research topic including theories and definitions
• Identify the recognised thinkers
• Discuss what research has been done in this area and evaluate it
• Find gaps in the current research areas and formulate a research question
• Identify methods to use in the specific research area
• Insure to convince the reader that the research question is significant, important and interesting
• Include up to date research material and, ensure it is relevant.
• Insure to reverence all studies and data in full
(M. Saunders & Lewis, 2012)

The question is what is the importance of doing a Literature review?
Foremost to conduct a literature review, the researcher needs to find all previous studies done on a specific subject area. It will provide a clear understanding to the reader regarding the analyses and findings of previous studies done. From these findings, the researchers can develop their own research questions and, furthermore,

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