Importance Of Confession In The Criminal Justice System

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The main objective of the Criminal Justice System is justice for innocent and the victim by awarding punishment and conviction the guilty accused. The guilt of the accused is to be proven by the prosecution beyond reasonable doubt after which only they are convicted. For proving guilt, confession by the accused is very important due to ““Optimum habemus testem confitentem reun” which means that the very best of the witness is an accused person who confesses his guilt .
Use of confession as an evidence against accused and suspect is not something new. Ancient Indian law also talks about virtues i.e. confession for the purpose of repentance. The ancient Hindu book “Manu-smriti” or “Laws of Manu” based on the concept of Dharma (a religious and moral law) contains about sinners and how they can purify through confession and repentance under chapter 11. But what is the meaning of the word “confession”? The word confession has to be defined in terms of criminal justice system of contemporary time. Broadly it includes admissions and statements made regarding criminal behavior or crime commission by the suspect to either a private party or to any officer of law or law enforcement authority. It may include exculpatory statements (which do not admit guilt) as well as inculpatory statements (which link to admission of crime) and also conduct indicating the guilt. Further Black’s law dictionary defines confession in criminal law as : It is a voluntary statement made by

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