Importance Of Confidentiality In Schools

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The principle of confidentiality means not passing on personal information about the families, children or colleagues that staff work with. It also means a set of rules or a promise that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information. Confidentiality means not sharing information about people without their knowledge and agreement, and ensuring that written and electronic information cannot be accessed or read by people who have no reason to see it. Confidentiality is important because: -The person who does not keep information confidential, cannot be trusted. -Pupils and colleagues may not feel valued or able to keep their self-esteem if their private details are shared with others. -Children and staff safety may be put at risk if details of their property and habits are shared publicly. Every teaching assistant should be aware of school confidentiality policy, a written document that outlines a school’s plan to protect student information. These documents attempt to define boundaries that identify what type of information can be shared and what types of individuals are authorized to view it. Schools put these documents in place to help ensure that all staff understand their responsibilities. Having this policy in place may also help schools become better prepared and better capable of meeting legal and professional standards that may apply. Teaching assistants need to have a good understanding that part of keeping student data confidential is

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