Importance Of Confidentiality

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Confidentiality It is important for staff to keep service user’s information confidential to an extent, if they are in danger or if something seriously needs to be said then every other piece of information that a staff member receives has to be kept confidential. This may be because it’s private information and the service users don’t want it to be shared. It gains trust between a service user and staff members because that service user knows they can go to that staff member because they know they keep this confidential. Which makes the service user feel much more comfortable. For example, if a service user has had an accident and feels embarrassed about it, they may not want to tell anyone, but built up courage to tell a staff member and then the staff member goes and tells someone about what had happen which wasn’t necessary, the service user would feel embarrassed and ashamed and would lose the confidence they had. However, if that staff member kept it…show more content…
This could be done by making sure they have regular baths/showers, their teeth are brushed twice a day, their clothes are clean and dry to prevent skin damage, and making sure they have the specific types of clothing on for different weather conditions, for example short sleeves if it’s really hot, and wrapped up when it is cold to prevent any illnesses from occurring. The care workers could also do regular checks on the service users to make sure they are happy, they could do this by talking to them and asking how their day is going and just being interested in how they are feeling. It will make the service users feel like people care about how they feel and they will appreciate it. The workers also need to make sure the service users go to the toilet if they can’t decide on their own so they don’t have any accidents and feel
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