Importance Of Conflict In Counselling

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A counsellor faces many challenges in their professional life. It is crucial that they are aware of these right from when they begin on this path as a student, so that they can be better equipped to deal with these challenges and not let it affect their clients. After much thought and discussion with my peers, I believe that a value-conflict between the client and the fundamental values of the counselling profession, which I uphold personally as well, would pose the greatest challenge for me. My philosophical bewilderments lie in the subtle intricacies of the counsellor-client relationship, which puts the counsellor in a position to be able to influence the client. The essay will delve into the ethics and grey areas of value-conflicts in counselling through a reflection on my personal values, the professional values of the counselling profession and probable counsellor-client scenarios that would pose a challenge for me. Counselling is not a neutral process but is a value laden activity. (Holmes & Lindley, 1998) and “[c]ounsellors ... enact a process of influence in their everyday interactions with clients” (Spong, 2007, p. 333). So, personal values of counsellors inadvertently come into the counselling space. Upon reflecting on my own values I realise that the values that I prioritise are honesty and authenticity, freedom, trust, caring and above all, the values of feminism. They have always informed all my actions and decisions, and are an important part of my being. My
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