Importance Of Conflict In Negotiation

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Conflict and Cooperation
Negotiation is the unity of cooperation and conflict: people choose negotiation for the pursuit of cooperation, and the two sides because of different interests and value orientation will produce a lot of confrontation and conflict. The development in the negotiations between the shift in the mutual transformation of cooperation and conflict in success or failure. We should have a correct understanding of the dialectical relationship between conflict and cooperation in the negotiations, and actively advocating mutual understanding and trust in the course of negotiations, the negotiations to play a more important role in the coordination of the distribution of benefits of people and relationships on. Cooperation reflects the existence of coordination, communication and rational behavior in the process of the development of things.
Conflict in the negotiations, conflict is a situation in which the parties concerned are aware of incompatibilities with each other’s future positions, or when a party wishes to take a position incompatible with the aspirations of others.
The conflicts in negotiation mainly include five kinds.
First, the conflict of interest. This kind of conflict is mainly due to the negotiators feel or the actual interests of the two sides of the competition caused by the relationship.
Second, the structural conflict. The causes of such conflicts are mainly destructive negotiations. ; The two sides of the resource control, power or
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