Importance Of Conflict Resolution And Mediation

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2.2 Conflict resolution and mediation in a primary care trust

Workplace conflict has become increasingly focused on individual employment dispute, policy makers have placed a particular emphasis on workplace mediation, however the broader impact of mediation has been ignored. Here we introduce of an in house mediation scheme, it explains mediation impact on workplace relations and dynamic conflicts between union and management. The processes of dispute resolution cannot be divorced from the pattern of workplace relations Therefore outcomes of individual disputes are subject to processes of negotiation and re-negotiation and conditioned by what Edwards P (2000) calls the politics of the management of labor, this underlines the importance of examining mediation through a lens that accepts that the management of individual conflict should reflect a balance of workplace power.
Importantly the expansion of mediation could be seen as
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Among these five conflict management styles the ones in which a moderate to high level of concern for the other party , integrating , obliging and comprising are considered as “cooperative conflict management styles “ while the ones which little concern in shown for the other party , ( dominating and avoiding) are considered as “ uncooperative conflict management styles “
On other hand studies have found that uncooperative CMS (conflict management styles) which ignores the needs of others, is related to negative job outcomes while western conflict management literature suggests that people tend to react more positively to cooperative CMS and more negatively to uncooperative

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