Stress Management: The Importance Of Delegation In Nursing

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DELEGATION Delegation in nursing helps the administrators to concentrate on on other managerial functions, and delegating the nursing job to the staff nurses. It increases the quality of nursing care because more hands are involved in rendering the services. It enables the staff nurses to improve and expand their skills and knowledge. It avails the opportunity for the nurses to be competent and confident at the job. It increases greater understanding and appreciation of the work of ward and organisations. It promotes teamwork and interpersonal skills. It enables nurses to manage tasks that are of particular interest to them, thereby increasing initiative and enthusiasm. 8. CONFLICT RESOLUTION Conflict resolution preserves harmony and good relationship…show more content…
The nurse remain more focused, and positive in her work when her stress are well managed. She will have a calmer mood and being patient enough to listen to the complaint of her patient. Stress management makes the nurse to have sound sleep when she ought to sleep and will be able to stay awake when she is on duty. It boosts her confidence in her work and in handling patient's problem. Her memory is improved, reduces anxious thinking, improves her decision making and makes less…show more content…
HRM has increase efficiency through rewards and performance appraisal to assess individual's performance. It has equally increase equity or fairness through systematic planning of health services. Some of these strategies are introduction of financial protection mechanisms, and re deployment services. It also improve the quality of services and patient satisfaction, this is done by filling every position with the right people and at the right time. Because of interdisciplinary teamwork fut into place by HRM there has been a better coordination of patient services in the healthcare system all over the world. 5. CONTROLLING Controlling as a concept helps in achieving the world goal, it ensures that all activities of every organisation take place according to plan an if there is any deviation, timely action is taken to bring back the activities on the path o planning. It helps in judging the accuracy of standards from time to time to match them with environmental changes. It avails every country to make use of their resources effectively. It helps in minimising errors through regular check and balance, because when errors are repeated again and again it become a serious matter and can bring disaster to the world as a whole. 6.

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