Importance Of Congruence Model Of Effectiveness

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1.0 Introduction
Nokia, once the world’s largest mobile phone maker, has lost its market value and fallen outside the top-five mobile phone makers. Nokia sales hit 13-year low as phone demand falls short as reported by Bloomberg in April 2013. In the mobile industry, Nokia’s lead has gradually declined in the past few years for a number of very specific factors. These factors as well as the broad issues to be examined will be discussed in this essay using the “Congruence Model of Effectiveness” in Spector (2013).

2.0 Congruence Model of Effectiveness
According to the Congruence Model of Effectiveness, an organization can be most effective when there is a state of congruence or compatibility between various elements of the organization. The various elements can be classified into internal context, external environment and patterns of employee behaviour.
Effectiveness arises when the organization emphasizes on the alignment of internal context of the organization with the external environment. The emphasis is related to how employees act and interact with the external marketplace in which the organization lives and competes. To achieve alignment between Nokia and its external environment, Nokia must respond to external environmental changes by aligning its organizational purpose, strategy, business model and organizational design with the changes as a result of customer, employee, and investor expectations; social or cultural forces, technological changes, labour market

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