The Pros And Cons Of Falklands War

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Falklands War offers the most pertinent lesson to Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) on the need to have conscript soldiers who are well trained, given the challenges of diminishing importance of national service and the emphasis of joint operation given the complexity of modern warfare

On 2 April 1982, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, a remote United Kingdom UK colony in the South Atlantic, in order to restore its country’s support during a time of economic crisis. Britain responded by sending a naval task force to reclaim the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. Argentina was defeated in 74 days despite having a larger armed forces formed mainly by conscript soldiers. There are two pertinent lessons from the Falklands war that SAF can take
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This further strengthened the SAF’s political disinterestedness and technical competence . Annual bialateral exercise training in foreign countries has helped us in building military ties.
Technology optimises soldiers ' skills
Singapore Armed Forces must make use of the technologies to better train our conscript soldier, using it as a force multiple which increases proficiency and competency in handling more complex operations. If we don’t make use of the technologies, we will lose out in modern warfare where technologies plays significant role.
One of the challenges that the national service faces today is the lack of understanding among the younger generation of the importance of national service. Believing that Singapore will never go into war given its diplomatic relationship with our neighbors. Most even find that servicing the nation is a waste of time and a career stopper compared to the opposite gender. National service as a whole is the pillar of strength to Singapore and the full potential can be fulfilled if all our soldier are trained else we might suffer the same fate as the Argentine forces in Falklands War

The second lesson that offers pertinent lesson to SAF is the emphasis of joint
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