Importance Of Conservation Of Species

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Introduction Biodiversity is the variety of all living species on earth and the ecosystems they make up. All species have intrinsic value and biodiversity conservation is important to sustain a healthy environment. Global biodiversity loss is occurring rapidly. Climate change is the major contributor, however, there are many other many threats including:  Habitat loss  Hunting & Poaching  Disease  Invasive species  Pollution  Overexploitation  Pet trade If humans do not intervene, many populations of species will eventually become extinct. Endangered Species Endangered species are species who have a declining population and are at risk of extinction. Statistics show that currently, a third of amphibians, a quarter of mammals and one in eight bird species on earth are endangered (, 2018). Diversity of species is of global economic importance as it maintains the ecosystems essential to human survival, helps to regulate the climate and provides:  Clean air & water  Food  Medicines  Building and clothing materials  Fertile soils Conservation Status The conservation status of a species indicates how high the risk is of that species becoming extinct is the future. The global system that determines this is the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Species are assessed against several different criteria, such as how many individuals there are, and are placed in one of the following categories:  Extinct  Extinct in the Wild  Critically Endangered 
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