Importance Of Conservation Of Endangered Species Essay

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Biodiversity is the variety of all living species on earth and the ecosystems they make up. All species have intrinsic value and biodiversity conservation is important to sustain a healthy environment.
Global biodiversity loss is occurring rapidly. Climate change is the major contributor, however, there are many other many threats including:
 Habitat loss
 Hunting & Poaching
 Disease
 Invasive species
 Pollution
 Overexploitation
 Pet trade
If humans do not intervene, many populations of species will eventually become extinct.
Endangered Species
Endangered species are species who have a declining population and are at risk of extinction. Statistics show that currently, a third of amphibians, a quarter of mammals and
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 Laws & Policies – law protects some endangered species
 Education – spreading the word about climate change, and the importance of conservation
There are simple steps that everyone can take to protect the environment and help conservation such as:
 Recycling – protect rainforests, recycling paper saves trees and preserves habitats for many endangered species
 Using less energy – save money and help protect the environment from global warming by for example, using energy saving light bulbs
 Choosing sustainable products – use sustainably sourced products
 Making your voice heard – campaigns and petitions
 Volunteering – take part in a litter pick or beach clean
 Spreading the word – educate and engage people
 Wildlife surveys – determine which species are present to help protect them in the future
Rising sea levels and temperatures of the oceans, and droughts threaten crops, wildlife, and fresh water supplies. The earth’s biodiversity is at risk from climate change.
Climate change threatens places, species, and people’s livelihoods. The earth is already experiencing the effects of global warning. Carbon pollution must be urgently reduced to address the

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