Wildlife Conservation Essay

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The general idea of conservation is to help keep a species of animals around for as long as we can, so killing the animals we are trying to conserve does not sound like the smartest idea. However, the data has frequently shown that, when done in a controlled manner, hunting can be a great tool for supporting conservation. It can be beneficial through supplying funds directly to conservation causes, through economic impact and by creating pressure to preserve habitat.
With the continuing pressures that humans place on wildlife, the conservation of that wildlife for future generations has become an important issue. As the human population continues to grow and encroach on wild areas, wildlife has had fewer and fewer places to live in. This wildlife is very important to many cultures, our natural ecosystem and also to our economy, through eco-tourism. While the act of hunting an animal has frequently resulted in the complete die off of many species, it has also shown to help populations of animals when done in a controlled manner. The key to hunting working as a tool of conservation is the aspect of control. It is what marks the difference between the extinction of a species and working to promote the continuation of a
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A very good show of this is how, in 2003, 24% of hunting revenue in Namibia (which equaled about 20 million US dollars), was given back to poorer communities. This shows the local people that hunting is an economic resource. The local people will then be more willing to support conservation actions, as those actions will allow them to gain the economic benefits of hunting for longer. Similarly, in Great Britain, fox hunting alone sustains approximately 6000 to 8000 jobs as of 2000. These jobs will encourage those people to support conservation more as their jobs depend on there being foxes to

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