Importance Of Constellations: About The Stars

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Constellations: About the Stars People recognize constellations to be groups of stars that form images or patterns in the sky. They have been documented for thousands of years, and are one of the oldest sciences ever studied. As they shift, various constellations come into view. These stars change at a monthly pace, leaving some to be viewed for a while until they all move once again. “Different constellations come into view as the Earth rotates on its axis and makes its yearly revolution around the Sun, the sphere appears to shift.” (Astronomy and Space). Constellations can be categorized as Greek constellations, or zodiacs. These, as well as all constellations, were utilized in different ways to fit peoples ' needs, whether past or present. Many constellations such as Leo (the zodiac lion), or Orion (the mythical Greek hunter) have been created and documented for many years. Every constellation is thought to have a creation story behind it which explains how it came to be. These alignments of stars helped many early humans to understand what to prepare for the next, whether it was storing up on supplies for winter, or to get ready for farming in the spring. While the public does not give much thought to what constellations are and how they came to be, some comprehend them through zodiac signs and Greek stories. Scientists who further research them discover how some of the patterns received their names as well as how they differ from the past and present-day. Without the

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