Importance Of Constitutional Monarchy

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Pwint Yune Phyu (Sherry Huang)
Mr. Nick Sturmey
World Studies
September 20, 2016
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Constitutional Monarchy Prevails Democracy

When concerning the issue of managing a country, it all comes down to whether or not people prefer to make decisions for themselves or to have leader guide and take charge. Democracy, and ideology which depends on numerous individuals, would allow influence and instigates corruption. Constitutional monarchy should be broadly accepted since it ensures the prosperity and development of a country from the utilization of hierarchy, probable growth in economy, and reliance on a leader born and bred with the highest possible education to rule instead of an elected representative chosen directly by the people.
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There are many types of hierarchies such as management hierarchy or feudal system social hierarchy. Hierarchy in business raises “the delineation of the authority, the responsibilities, and the policies and for defining the formal communication channels.” It also aids “ business owners to manage their business effectively and efficiently.” Furthermore, the feudal system was a governing body that was dominant in Europe in between the eighth and fourteenth centuries. In hierarchical structure, the kings occupied the highest position, followed by nobles, knights or vassals and peasants. The system allowed for a new era of wealth and prosperity within Europe while maintaining stability. Feudalism, a form of governing, flourishes especially in a closed agricultural economy and has replicated into a modern form of constitutional government. The usage of hierarchy assists to develop a country and procures success for long-term…show more content…
“Thailand’s king (Bhumibol Adulyadej) who has reigned since 1946, has played a major role in the nation’s political agenda and military.” Some people would regard constitutional monarchy as equal since one dominant leader holds most of the power to make decisions and the people are left to a clear goal to move up the hierarchy ladder to assume more responsibility. “For every monarchy overthrown the sky becomes less brilliant, because it loses a star. A republic in ugliness is set free.” (Anatole France, first winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature,
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