Importance Of Constraint Management

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Background of the problem or study
Every construction project is special and consists of its individual operating environment and group of technical requirements. As such, the implementation of a construction project usually consists of many constraints that limit the start or development of field operations, which always have a huge negative impact on the overall project performance. Constraints refer to any condition, such as spatial or temporal restrictions and quality or safety concerns, which could stop a project from reaching its goals. Effective implementation and control of a construction project depend on effective management using master planning and short-term look-ahead scheduling. Even though the master schedule brings a high-level
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How to categorize these constraints for simple identification and modeling?
3. What are the recent industry practice as well as research progressions in modeling and resolving constraints?
4. How to combine the constraint classification knowledge and numerous constraint modeling efforts into a framework for total constraint management?
The objectives of the research are to create a formal constraint management system. Constraint management is then described here as the method of classifying, categorizing, modeling, and resolving constraints. The main objective of the current study is to offer a comprehensive analysis assessment of literature and industry practices in relation to constraint analysis and outline a conceptual framework for constraint management. Particularly, the study has the following sub-objectives:
1. To offer a complete review of causes and characteristics of constraints typically found in construction projects.
2. To create a constraint classification method for easier constraint identification and modeling.
3. To review existing industry practices and researchers regarding constraint modeling.
4. To outline a conceptual framework for total constraint
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This may ultimately add-on to more knowledge and understanding of technology and related management requirements. If effective as a scientific initiative, this research project may be an incremental add-on to the growth of a paradigm of technology. As a group of respectively worldviews, knowledge bases, theories and research methods, a paradigm of technology again may contribute to improved understanding of technology and its all-permeating

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