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INTRODUCTION Construction projects consider being successful on the basis of objectives i.e. completion on time with desired quality, within cost and safety is prime requirement. There are many components of a construction project like material, labour and equipments etc. and we can work hard on each to prepare a strategy to achieve these objectives effectively also add value to organisational goal with the complementary functions of time and cost as now a day’s best way to minimise the cost is complete the project in shortest time without compromising the safety and quality. One of the main sub-component comes under material component is formwork. Effective formwork system is one of the key factors to ensure the success of a construction…show more content…
Safety The formwork should be able to ensure the safety of workers and concrete structure as well. Efficiency The operation of the formwork should be easy. It should be easy in handling, erection and dismantling at the same time able to provide as many repetitions optimally. Economy We need manage least cost while maintaining the desired quality and safety. Economy can be achieved by designing the same size of concrete structure to the extent possible and by careful consideration in designing, planning, quality management and safe practices. CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO Size It is necessary to analyse the size of the formwork required because determination of size will provide a clear idea about the amount of labour required for their operations for example: small size can be operated by labour manually on the other hand large size will require mechanical means like cranes.…show more content…
Steel forms are suitable for large size panels but having heavy weight on the other hand aluminium form is more stiff and light in weight but costly as labour and material cost is high. However, gives best finish and quality best suited for the construction where numbers of repetition are more. Nature of operation Play an important role and helps to decide the type of labour required i.e. if the formwork required to be done manually or crane dependent, self climbing or gantry, travelling and tunnel type. SELECTION CRITERIA (PROJECT SPECIFIC) Effective selection of form need most appropriate and economical system on the basis of detailed layout, planned schedule, cycle time and the optimum amount required. Following are the main factors to be considered while selecting the formwork. Geometry of the

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