Importance Of Constructive Criticism

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Criticism is the judgement, using analysis and assessment, of the merits and demerits of the actions of an individual. Generally, when we think of the word criticism, a negative thought dominates our mind. But genuinely speaking, constructive criticism is defined as helpful suggestions with socio-emotional propositions. Critics and critical recipients are encouraged to work as a team; both responsible, in their own way, for how criticism is received and inferred. All of us convey judgments about others' attitude, values, and behaviors. Some of the judgments are well thought out; yet, others are more mechanically offered. At times, judgments are made to belittle the receivers. Other judgments are communicated to make critics appear superior or powerful rather than to support or enhance receivers. I would like to say that constructive criticism creates a nice platform which nurtures us to make ourselves competent and proficient. Besides it helps us in enhancing the following vital aspects. Confers New Outlook and Valuable Insight…show more content…
At that time, the person is given a chance to be aware of what we think of his/her skills, level of knowledge. If s/he gives importance to the usefulness of the criticism, then it will help in honing the skills of the person. But if there is negative gesture towards the criticism, it will certainly lead to destruction. By virtue of constructive criticism, one can fine-tune the oral as well as written communication. Human beings have different perspectives and knowledge about the worldly affairs. Each person brings a unique perspective to the situation. If we listen and try to understand their perspective, we can apply that perspective to our work to make it better and
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