Importance Of Constructivist Theory

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Discuss the constructivist theory and explain its relevance in the teaching and learning environment.
Education is primarily about learners and educators and the processes of teaching and learning, which most often than not occurs in the classrooms. According to Fraser, 2006; mediation is a word taken from a Greek word “mesites” which means to intervene linking two parties. As a mediator, the educator sets the stage for the teaching-learning process to occur. Mediation denotes that the teacher assists the learners in seeing practical purposes from school activities relative to their own requirements. Feuerstein’s theory of mediated learning (MLE) experience describes a special quality of interaction between learner and the mediator that can facilitate cognitive and social learning (Falik, 2001). Teachers are to assist learners in exploring possibly interesting facets of the world, cultivate in learners a curious spirit in which they ask challenging, open- ended questions, challenge learner to solve problems while making these activities exciting and fun,…. according to Grosser and De Waal (2008) this deeply entrenched in the theory of constructivism. The educational field has indeed experienced a great deal of changes and paradigm shifts in the way in which humans learn and the conditions that cultivate different facets of learning in humans (Cooper, 1993). This essay looks to explore constructivism and also the relevance it has in the teaching and
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