Consumer Behavior In The Marketing Industry

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This research is mainly about what is the relevance of consumer markets in an industry. This industry in my research is considered to be the Bristol International Airport. Consumer markets can be defined as markets dominated by products and services designed for the general consumer. Consumer markets are typically split into four primary categories: consumer products, food and beverage products, retail products and transportation products. Industries in the consumer markets often have to deal with shifting brand loyalties and uncertainty about the future popularity of products and services explained by (, 2016).
Consumer behavior in the marketing industry is vital and can be grouped in two main categories internal and
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In purchasing goods and service it’s the same thing, we are influenced by internal (age, lifestyle, attitude) and external (family, culture, social class). “Internal influences basically come from consumers own lifestyle and way of thinking. These are consumers own lifestyle and way of thinking. These are consumer’s personal thoughts, self concepts, feelings, attitudes, lifestyles, motivation and memory (Kotler, 2002 cited by UKEssays, 2016)”whilst external influences is classified as “ what a consumer eats, wears, and believes are all learned and influenced by the culture they live in, their family, childhood and social environment (Marketing Teacher, 2016)”. Lifestyle is an internal influence which influences consumer’s behavior. Lifestyle can be grouped into three categories which include attitude, opinions and activities. It includes the spending of money and time. It can include extracurricular activities or anything that makes…show more content…
External influences are also as important in the way a consumer behaves as internal influences. External influences can be defined as the “outside influences that can impact a business. Various external factors can impact the ability of a business or investment to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. These external factors might include competition; social, legal and technological changes, and the economic and political environment (, 2016). Culture is one of the main external influences that have an impact on consumer’s behavior. Culture includes the way we function based off beliefs and members in society. Organizations usually use cultural advertisements to make it more appealing to a target amount of customers and in this way they will achieve more purchases from these people (mporioum, 2016). The things a consumer may learn from ancestors are considered to be his/ her culture (, 2016). Family influences the consumer behaviors. Family is an important aspect in everyone’s life and everyone tries to do their best to please family members and ensuring that
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