Importance Of Contextualization In Teaching

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2) Teaching:
The educator has a leading role in the process of teaching a foreign language. He carries out a lot of tasks within the target language. Here are some of these tasks:
a) Contextualization
b) Drilling
c) Effective assessment
a) Contextualization of Material:
Contextualization is defined as employing the items of the language in a meaningful and relevant context. This helps the learners to acquire new skills and knowledge. It also develops their abilities and attitudes. Learners should be motivated to learn and to take part in the learning process.
Items of the target language shouldn't be presented as isolated items. The content should be connected to realistic situations that are related to their experiences and their personal
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The teacher elicits answers that are related to learners' experiences and personal situations. Real situation inside the classroom helps the learners to communicate outside the classroom walls. The teacher's job is to involve his learners in these situations.
One of the demerits of real situations is that they are related only to the classroom and the topics are limited, so teachers focus on realistic situations. a- 2) Visual Aids AndRealia:
To keep the learners motivated and engaged inside the classroom isn't an easy task. Teachers use different tools to achieve this challenge. They use visual aids and realia to make their lessons realistic.
Visual aids and realia help the students to remember the content of the lesson. They help the teacher to introduce the material in a smooth way. They deal with all the different learning styles.
Teachers have different types of visual aids and realia. They include cartoons, drawings, videos, pictures, charts and graphs, etc. These tools help the learners to use their imagination. Sometimes they make the learners laugh and smile this happens for example when watching cartoons. These tools expand the knowledge of the learners. They can convey messages which are difficult to be explained by some
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Learners perform a range of activities through plays. They deal with real world problems. Role play is an effective tool that helps them to practice public speaking. Many of the students are engaged in each session. Students learn from their colleagues. They practice their new skills and knowledge before they go outside the classroom walls to the real world. Role play is fun and motivating.
For example, in an activity, the teacher divides the class into four sub-groups. Each group has four or five students. The teacher says to the leader of each group that you have a neighbor next to your flat. He is having a party and a famous DJ. Your neighbors (in each group) have asked you to convince him to turn it down. The winners are those who will be able to convince the neighbor in a very respectable manner without losing their temper.
b) Drilling:
Drilling has been a common technique in foreign language classrooms. It depends on repeating specific structural patterns. Teachers believed that repeating phrases many times would help the learners master the language. Learners listen to a model presented by a teacher or a tape then they repeat what is heard. Some teachers are still using this technique till
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