Importance Of Controversy In Health Care

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Controversy in Health Care Health care has been one of the primary focuses for American voters in the upcoming election. The importance of the problems that the United States is facing is how the dissatisfaction of how the government has led. The controversy of Pharmaceutical companies are under fire due to them jacking up prices for generic and new drugs. In addition, Medicare has spent up to $4 billion within the first half of 2015 on expensive drugs in order to treat high cholesterol and hepatitis C. Therefore, voters are utilizing polls to reflect that due to high drug prices is causing some concern for health care in the United States. Majority of voters believe that pharmaceutical companies are to blame for this concern and voters believe that the government should have the capability to negotiate prices for Medicare. The pharmaceutical companies should be…show more content…
For example, the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is two that are significant however, not the only two policy issues that have raised national attention. A question of should the federal and state governments have control of healthcare policy or the question of the policies generally supported by both parties? Healthcare reform was mainly put in place to ban the insurers’ from discrimination against pre-existing conditions, limits on age discrimination, and the elimination of lifetime caps. The health care system in the United States consists of a network of physicians, patients, hospitals, insurers, employers, regulators, and stakeholders. With a significant change that can impact one component can reshape the entire system. For example, with the modern health care that succeed in the 2010s and the dramatic reform efforts makes difficult for Congress to navigate and for many Americans to understand. The confusion introduced the reform critics to place and exploit consumers’

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