Importance Of Conversation Analysis

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Conversation analysis ( abbreviated CA) has a crucial importance in daily life of people communication. Conversation analysis studies both formal and non-formal exchanges talks among people, it also studies verbal and non-verbal action. McCarthy et al. (2002: 60-61) state that conversation analysis “ is concerned with the detailed organization of everyday conversation”. As to Crystal (1997:75) defines conversation analysis as "a term used in linguistics and associated discipline to refer to a method of studying the sequential and coherence of conversations ( in their everyday sense) usually employing the techniques of ethnomethodology". Conversation analysis owes a supreme role in the real world as people can 't live without interaction. Conversation is a means of communication with other people with different purposes: social, official , medical, and commercial modes of life. Wang (2011: 76 ) states that “conversation analysis tries to discover, describe, and analyze structures of various, naturally occurring, interactional phenomena”, therefore, the analysis functions on how conversation participates to simplify things in daily life. Conversation analysis was introduced by Emmanuel Schegloff, Harvey Sacks and Gail Jefferson in the early of 1970s and was inspired by Ethno methodology. It has now become an established force in sociology, anthropology, linguistics, speech-communication and psychology. Brown (2000: 255-256) describes the main
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