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I’ve always believed that the best cooking is in the home, and a taste of family life is a great way to get beneath the skin of the city. Since I have lived and ate 18 years in Chongqing, I 'd like to invite you to take a glimpse at the house-hold Chongqing dishes, to delight your senses with our exquisite home-made cuisines, to encounter and further understand the Chongqing food culture. Local seasonings are essential for an authentic Chongqing house-hold dish. When my families cook, we normally combine the chili and Sichuan flower pepper to create the distinctive numbing heat—Ma La. The Sichuan pepper generates a numbing sensation that balances the burning heat of chili. It stimulates the taste buds, unleashing explosive flavors. My grandparents are obsessed with chilies, claiming they have a medicinal quality. It is…show more content…
When the weather is steamy, our family would normally gather together in my grandparents’ home to enjoy the sizzling hot pot. The copper pot that we use is shaped like the Yin Yang symbol to represent the balance of the mild broth on one side and the spicy on the other. When the pot is carried to the table, the pungent chili aroma would instantly hit your nostrils and you can almost feel it biting your skin. The fire dances under the pot, the heavily oiled and spiced soup boils with hazy steam, and we are all bathed in sweat. Fatty sliced beef, diced shrimp and various bovine or porcine organs (including intestine, arteries, head, tongue, skin, liver, in addition to other commonly utilized portions of the meat), these are the classic dishes to go with the hot pot. Our home-made hot pot broth possesses the distinctive pungently spicy flavor thanks to my grandma’s liberal use of chili oil and the unique abilities of the local Sichuan pepper corns. It’s this explosive taste that makes our family meal so unique, and that numbing spice is extremely addictive. It’s a burning

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